Campus life

Campus life

Taking part in university life

University life at UQAM is exciting and dynamic. Students can join one of the many UQAM groups, associations or media. Student Services offers some 50 training workshops and grant programs to support students in various campus projects (festivals, shows or thematic weeks). 

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Living in the neighbourhood or nearby

Choosing to live in the university residences means opting for an unparalleled location, directly on the university campus, just minutes from the pavilions. UQAM offers rooms for rent, as well as accommodations for 2, 3, 4, or 8 people and studios for students with disabilities. UQAM also has a housing bank with listings that you can consult.

Résidences de lUQAM

Studying in the heart of Montréal

UQAM is located in the heart of Montréal. Its main campus is connected to the Berri-UQAM metro station, the hub of Montréal's public transportation network. Students can take advantage of the Grande Bibliothèque, the Cinémathèque québécoise and many cafes, restaurants and dining terraces. The Pierre-Dansereau Science Complex borders the Place des Festivals, the Musée d’art contemporain and Place des Arts.


The UQAM libraries house more than a million monographs and periodicals. Students also have free access to 500 databases, in addition to several services, including workspaces and interlibrary loans.

Staying in shape

To relax before an exam or at the end of the day, students can go to the UQAM Sports Centre. It offers a wide range of free activities: bodybuilding and fitness, swimming, badminton, soccer, basketball, climbing, jogging, etc. Hundreds of courses are offered each semester.

Athletic excellence

If you have a talent for a particular sport, you will want to join one of the UQAM sports teams. The Citadins excel in basketball, soccer, volleyball, cross-country, cheerleading and badminton. A member of the Alliance Sport-Études, UQAM offers personalized support services to its student-athletes to enable them to balance their academic and athletic goals.

Arts and science programming

The UQAM arts and science centres offer a rich program of cultural and scientific events each year, including lectures, exhibitions, and architectural projections. These venues include the Cœur des sciences, the Centre de design, the Galerie de l’UQAM, the Agora de la danse, the Salle Pierre-Mercure, movie theatres and the Centre de diffusion et d’expérimentation (CDEx).

Balancing studies and family

Students who are also parents have access to resources and services to help them balance academic and family life, including a support committee, babysitting and daycare services, science or sports day camps, music awareness classes, a choir and arts workshops.

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