Prospective foreign students

The Quebec university education system

Mastery of French

UQAM is a French-language educational institution. Mastery of both oral and written French is essential for all levels of study. Classes, written work, and exams are all in French.

Exceptionally, and subject to approval by the program's subcommittee for admission and assessment, research at the Master's and doctoral level can be written in a language other than French.

Your mastery of French will be recognized if:

  • You have a French baccalauréat issued by a French academy.
  • You have a university degree from a Francophone university.
  • You have passed a test of written French or a French course recognized as a prerequisite to admission to a Quebec university.
  • You have successfully completed an undergraduate certificate in written French or in written French for non-Francophones.

If you do not meet any of these requirements, see the UQAM policy on the French language. To apply for admission to an undergraduate program, see information on the international French test (TFI), in effect since the fall of 2014.

Some programs offer support and help for students wishing to improve their knowledge of French.

If you want to improve your knowledge of French or another language – English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese or Russian –, you can register for courses offered by the Language School. Immersion programs in French and English are also offered during the summer.

Equivalence of diplomas

To learn the prerequisites for university studies in Quebec, consult the Guide des niveaux de formation of the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire [Interuniversity cooperation office] (BCI), which presents degrees by country, state and province granting candidates from outside Quebec eligibility for undergraduate and graduate studies.

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