Why choose UQAM

Why choose UQAM?

An urban university

UQAM's main campus and its Pierre-Dansereau Science Complex are located in the heart of two of central Montréal's liveliest districts: the Quartier Latin [Latin Quarter] and the Quartier des spectacles [Entertainment District].

UQAM is directly accessible from the Berri-UQAM and Place-des-Arts metro stations. Bicycle paths and self-service bike stations also serve its pavilions. Nearby you will find the Musée d’art contemporain, the Place des Festivals, Place des Arts, the Grande Bibliothèque and the Cinémathèque québécoise, as well as a wealth of cafes, restaurants and outdoor dining terraces.

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A broad selection of innovative programs of study

UQAM offers more than 300 programs of study in 7 main areas: arts, communications, education, management, political science and law, science, and social sciences. Many of these programs are unique in Québec, Canada and North America.

Check out the description and the application deadline for the program of interest and fill out an application.

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Regional campuses

In addition to its Montréal campus, UQAM has 4 other campuses in the metropolitan region, enabling students to pursue their studies closer to where they reside. The Lanaudière, Laval, Longueuil and Montérégie-Ouest campuses offer full programs of study, as well as several day, evening and weekend courses.

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Practical training

Nearly 90% of UQAM Bachelor programs include internships, exhibitions, labs, simulations, competitions or field trips. Fostering general knowledge and interdisciplinarity, the education offered develops the students' personal and professional skills, preparing them for successful integration into the labour market.

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Dedicated teachers

The teachers at UQAM contribute to the stimulating academic environment through their availability and their commitment. The average class size, among the lowest in major Canadian universities, creates the ideal conditions for supportive learning.

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Numerous scholarships

UQAM students receive more than $12 million in scholarships annually. Hundreds of scholarship programs offer financial support to students pursuing their academic studies

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International dimension

Each year, UQAM welcomes more than 4,300 foreign students from 95 countries. It also maintains several centres for international research, including the Montreal Institute of International Studies.

Through agreements with over 468 institutions in 68 countries, more than 500 UQAM students fly each year to an international destination to take courses recognized in their programs of study, while benefiting from travel scholarships. 

The UQAM Language School also opens borders, thanks to its credited courses and programs in German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French second language, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.

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Cutting-edge research

UQAM is ranked 1st in Québec and 8th in Canada in terms of research funding for comprehensive universities (Research Infosource, 2021). The University's researchers, working in more than a hundred research and creative units, are awarded numerous prizes and distinction each year.

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Innovation has been central to the mission of UQAM. The University has been a pioneer in the development of many fields of study not traditionally found in an academic setting. Its unique areas of expertise have contributed to its institutional identity, notably in public relations, actuarial science, sexology, social law, design and visual arts, feminist studies, and social economy, not to mention its advances in health and in Earth and atmospheric science.

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Dynamic university life

There are many opportunities to participate in student life at UQAM, including a variety of groups, associations and media. In addition to access to the UQAM Sports Centre, students can join one of the University's excellent sports teams, the Citadins. The UQAM arts and science centres also offer a rich program of cultural and scientific events each year, including lectures, exhibitions and architectural projections.

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Inspired by excellence

UQAM students excel on the national and international scene. Every year, groups of students garner the highest awards at a number of events, including the National Model United Nations in New York, the Jeux de la communication [Communication Games], the Model World Trade Organization, and Grafika competition.

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A wide range of student services

Students also have access to services that provide support for learning and academic success, psychological counselling, educational and career guidance, job search assistance and financial aid. There are also services to support students with disabilities.

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