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To regularize your student status, you must do the following:

  • Whatever your home country, you must first obtain the certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) [Quebec certificate of acceptance]. You can apply for the certificate online, but the required documents must be sent by mail. As this document takes longer to obtain than the Canadian study permit, it is advisable to act quickly.
  • Once you have the certificate, you need to apply for a Canadian study permit online or from a Canadian Visa Application Centre that covers the territory where you reside.

The CAQ and the study permit are required for all educational programs lasting 6 months or longer.

Due to processing delays in the issuance of these residence permits, it is strongly recommended that you apply for them immediately on receipt of the first acceptance letter from UQAM, especially if you have applied to more than program but have not yet received all your answers. You will need to have these documents in hand upon arrival in Canada and to present them to the UQAM Registrar’s Office.

The duration of your residence permits (CAQ and study permit) is usually related to that of your program of study. For a Bachelor's degree by accumulating certificates (where each certificate takes 1 year), you will need to reapply for each CAQ and to renew your study permit annually, which will entail fees.

If your residence permits are not issued before the beginning of the semester for which you are enrolled, and if you expect to arrive after the second week of classes, you may not be able to be accepted by some programs, particularly graduate programs. The pace of studies and the workload related to each course make it difficult to catch up after a late arrival and compromise your successful completion of the semester. In such situations, it is very important to communicate with your program administration before your departure.

Although the admission letter does not provide information about the cost of your studies at UQAM, you will need to indicate the total tuition when applying for the CAQ. Check out the annual tuition fees table for full-time studies, as well as a suggested cost of living budget for a year in Montréal.

To determine the tuition fees that apply specifically to your studies, you have 2 options:

  • Use the tuition estimator.
  • Send a request by email to: indicating your name, the program code for which you need the fees (annual total for 2 semesters) as well as your permanent code. You will receive these two codes in your admission letter.

The admission offer is valid only for the semester for which you have applied. If you do not follow up by registering for that semester, you will need to reapply for admission, again paying the application fee.

Registering for your courses is an important step, because it lets you validate your admission to a program of study and choose your courses for the first semester. This step is always done in advance rather than on arrival at the University.

After you are admitted, a registration authorization for each of the programs for which you have been admitted will be sent by mail to the address you provided in your application for admission.

This document will give you instructions on how to select your courses. For admission to the fall semester, the document will be sent to you between April and June, depending on the programs. For admission to the winter semester, the document will be sent to you in November or December, depending on the programs.

You then make your final choice of program by registering for courses in the chosen program. In other words, your course registration confirms your choice of program.

Your registration authorization will include:

  • your personal information (permanent code, personal identification number - PIN - and program code) allowing you to register online as of the date specified
  • the registration periods you have been assigned (for adding, modifying or dropping courses)
  • where to find the courses offered in a given semester

To help you make your course selection, check out the description of your program. It provides information on the courses to follow, the typical academic path and special academic regulations.

In some cases, certain programs register their students automatically (registration by the program). If applicable, this information will be specified in your admission letter, for example asking you to email your program office to finalize your course selection.

Note: Your admission is invalid if you do not register for your courses for the semester in question. Is your arrival confirmed? Don't forget this step.

Choosing where to live is an important element of your study abroad. You can choose to live in the UQAM student residences, with relatives or friends, or to rent or share an apartment.

Student residences

UQAM offers 2 recently built residential complexes (more than 900 individual rooms): residences on the main campus and residences in the Pierre-Dansereau Science Complex. Living in a student residence can be an attractive choice for a student who is unfamiliar with Montréal, or who will be staying for just 1 semester, as you can lease for a single semester, 9 months or a full year. Prices vary between $480 and $615 per person per month including all taxes, electricity, heating and basic telephone service (with voicemail), and Internet. As this option is very much in demand, it is advisable to book your accommodations before the end of April if you are starting in the fall semester, or early in the fall if starting in January.

Other accommodations

Whether you are looking to stay near UQAM or elsewhere, you can count on assistance from the staff at the Reception and Integration Office of UQAM's Student Services. Available resources include: a housing bank, a list of hotels and hostels in the area for short-term lodging, and tips on how to find accommodations.

At this stage, your departure for Montréal is about to become a reality. To facilitate this transition, a welcome guide for foreign students, the Guide d’accueil à l’intention des étudiants étrangers (in French) was created by UQAM's Student Services.

This document will be given to you on your arrival, but we strongly recommend that you read it in advance to help you get on track for a successful integration.

Visit the foreign student arrival page to learn about initiation activities for international students at UQAM.

We suggest arriving at least 15 days before the start of courses in order to take the time to get settled.

As a student, you have access upon arrival to initiation, information and counselling services. The staff at UQAM's Student Services Office of Reception and Integration will assist you with the many formalities relating to your settlement and integration.

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