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SigleTitre du coursCycle
ANG3024Intermediate English Writing for Business1
ANG3055Conversation II1
ANG3155Speech Perception and Pronunciation Skills II1
ANG3158Grammar Skills for Writing II1
ANG5305English Language and Literature: Canadian Themes1
ANG2014Elementary English Writing1
ANG2114Elementary English Syntax1
ANG2214Elementary English Computer-Assisted Writing1
ANG1037Beginner's English Skills for Computers (hors programme)1
ANG3067Skills for Business II1
ANG4055Conversation III1
ANG3014Intermediate English Writing1
ANG3114Intermediate English Syntax1
ANG3214Intermediate English Computer-Assisted Writing1
ANG2012Elementary English Speaking1
ANG2112Elementary English Pronunciation1
ANG2037Elementary English Skills for Computers1
ANG4067Skills for Business III1
ANG4053Reading III1
ANG4153Critical Reading III1
ANG1016Beginner's English Text (hors programme)1
ANG4014Advanced English Writing1
ANG4114Advanced English Syntax1
ANG3012Intermediate English Speaking1
ANG3312Intermediate Computer-Assisted English Pronunciation1
ANG4900Projet d'études sur la langue et la culture anglaises1
ANG1027Beginner's English Skills for Business (hors programme)1
ANG1013Beginner's English Reading (hors programme)1
ANG3064Writing for Business II1
ANG2016Elementary English Text1
ANG2116Elementary English Script1
ANG5014Fluent English Writing1
ANG4012Advanced English Speaking1
ANG4112Advanced English Pronunciation1
ANG4312Advanced English Computer-Assisted Pronunciation1
ANG2027Elementary English Skills for Business1
ANG2013Elementary English Reading1
ANG2113Elementary English Critical Reading1
ANG2054Writing I1
ANG2154Grammar I1
ANG1011Beginner's English Listening (hors programme)1
ANG3516Intermediate English Text for Law1
ANG3016Intermediate English Text1
ANG3116Intermediate English Script1
ANG3216Intermediate English Computer-Assisted Text1
ANG4004English Language and Identity in the Canadian Context1
ANG3002English Language and Culture I1
ANG1017Beginner's English Skills (hors programme)1
ANG1117Beginner's English Grammar (hors programme)1
ANG1217Beginner's English Computer-Assisted Skills (hors programme)1
ANG5357English for Media Literacy1
ANG3013Intermediate English Reading1
ANG3113Intermediate English Critical Reading1
ANG3054Writing II1
ANG3154Grammar II1
ANG2011Elementary English Listening1
ANG2111Elementary English Speech Perception1
ANG2052Speaking I1
ANG2152Pronunciation I1
ANG4016Advanced English Text1
ANG4216Advanced English Computer-Assisted Text1
ANG4002English Language and Culture II1
ANG2017Elementary English Skills1
ANG2117Elementary English Grammar1
ANG1015Beginner's English Conversation (hors programme)1
ANG4054Writing III1
ANG4154Grammar III1
ANG3011Intermediate English Listening1
ANG3111Intermediate English Speech Perception1
ANG3052Speaking II1
ANG3152Pronunciation II1
ANG3037Intermediate English Skills for Computers1
ANG2015Elementary English Conversation1
ANG2115Elementary English Sounds1
ANG2056Reading and Writing Skills I1
ANG2156Syntax I1
ANG5054Writing IV1
ANG5354Introduction to Stylistics for Writing1
ANG4011Advanced English Listening1
ANG4111Advanced English Speech Perception1
ANG4052Speaking III1
ANG4152Pronunciation III1
ANG2067Skills for Business I1
ANG2053Reading I1
ANG2153Critical Reading I1
ANG4037Advanced English Skills for Computers1
ANG3015Intermediate English Conversation1
ANG3115Intermediate English Sounds1
ANG3556Reading and Writing Skills for Law II1
ANG3056Reading and Writing Skills II1
ANG3156Syntax II1
ANG5352Public Speaking1
ANG3053Reading II1
ANG3153Critical Reading II1
ANG3027Intermediate English Skills for Business1
ANG2051Listening I1
ANG2151Speech Perception I1
ANG4015Advanced English Conversation1
ANG4056Reading and Writing Skills III1
ANG4156Syntax III1
ANG2157Grammar Skills for Speaking I1
ANG4027Advanced English Skills for Business1
ANG3051Listening II1
ANG3151Speech Perception II1
ANG3005English Language and Literature I1
ANG4013Advanced English Reading1
ANG4113Advanced English Critical Reading1
ANG2055Conversation I1
ANG2155Speech Perception and Pronunciation Skills I1
ANG4051Listening III1
ANG4151Speech Perception III1
ANG3017Intermediate English Skills1
ANG4005English Language and Literature II1
ANG4046Advanced English Text for Literature1
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